Candlefish 16

Common price: $3,949.00 Our price: $3,749.00 each Weight: 825 lb
Width: 48 in
Length: 96 in
Height: 12.5 in

The Candlefish 16 is a burdensome fishing skiff. Deep and seaworthy, it is wonderfully suited to life in our changeable weather and strong tides. Deep enough to keep her occupants dry, and light enough to launch off the beach, she's perfect with 10 to 30 hp.

Lockable storage and enclosed flotation augment the factor of safety and add a great deal of rigidity to her 15' 10 7/16 length.

Easy to build to a workboat fit and finish, or take as much time as you want to showcase your craftsmanship. The choice is yours, but either way she'd make a wonderful utility skiff, with truck-like attributes. 

The kit is assembled inverted over a computer-cut construction frame that indexes the bulkheads at the proper spacing, paralllel, axially-aligned and level. The hull panels are joined end-to-end with our engineered puzzle splices, avoiding the need for fiddly and difficult-to-align scarphing. From this sturdy foundation, you can be sure that you can build an accurate boat.

The basic kit is enough to build the bare hull, ready for rollover.Candlefish 16 photo

The Candlefish 16 hull kit includes 8 sheets of BS1088 marine ply, the construction jig, plans and assembly instructions. It is shipped on a 4' x 8' x 12.5" pallet weighing 825#.

This basic hull kit does not include dimensional lumber as those are best fit on-site. It also does not include cloth or epoxy, we can provide pricing on request.


Length:  15'-10 7/16"
Beam:  5'-9 13/16"
Draft:  6"
Displacement:  714 lbs
Power:  Outboard motor
Hull Dry Weight:  325 lbs