The Devlin catalog has such wonderful options, that I'm sometimes surprised at which models become favorites. This summer, the Dipper 19 has been a very popular choice, and in taking a second look, it become apparent why. 

 First, it's a gorgeous boat, that fits nicely inside a carport. In fact, it was designed for a customer who was musing to Sam about the low cost to ship a container (compared to the cost to ship a boat) to the Mediterranean. Sam's solution? Build a boat that fits in a 20' container!

Nick Lee's Dipper 19

Another major attraction of the Dipper 19 is the use of twin 10hp transom-mounted outboards. The dual motors provide the kind of maneuverability that twin-screw boat operators love, while also providing redundancy and maximally efficient propulsion, burning less than 1gph at 6 knots crusing speed.The cockpit is wide open for maximum utility while the cabin has room for a porta-potti, a galley and twin berths - remarkable space in a 19' boat.

Like all our "big boat" kits, the Dipper 19 is assembled inverted over a supplied, robot-cut construction jig. To make the inverted hull rigid and low to the ground for easy assembly, the bulkhead that serves as the aft face of the cabin is supplied in two pieces - the upper part of the cabin is installed after the assembled hull is removed from the construction jig and rolled upright.

The kit includes all the parts shown below.

Drop us a note or give Sam a call if you have any questions. Happy building!