To my mind, the Candlefish 16 is probably the best open utility skiff around. Two variants are available, the bridgedeck version (which provides dry locking storage) or the more open version with side seats and unobstructed access fore and aft. The Devlin shop recently built one for Chip Hanauer, which he uses in Puget Sound and Lake Washington. Equipped with a 60 hp motor (which probably isn't recommended for any boater who isn't Chip Hanauer) the estimated top speed is pushing 40 mph.


The hull has two chines per side, and four bulkheads and two longitudinals. This rigid backbone is assembled upside down in the provided CNC cut construction jig - making the intial assembly and alignment nearly foolproof. The bulkheads and longitudinals bonded together make for an immensely rigid and rugged structure, and the 1/2" thick hull will withstand most anything that its designed waters can dish out.

The build is relatively easy, with gentle hull curves lending themselves well to stitch and glue construction.

$3,749.00 each Candlefish 16