To me, the Pelicano 18 is a perfectly sized kit for the independent boatbuilder. It's big enough to be used by the whole family on weekends, while small enough that a conscientious builder can get it done in a reasonable timeframe and store it in your garage. Many examples of this boat have been built since it's initial design in 2010, and after a recent update to the beam, the hull has even more load carrying ability and confidence-inspiring stability.


Equip it with up to a 90hp outboard for speeds approaching 40mph, or a smaller powerplant for maximum range and as little as 1gph fuel economy.

The hull has two chines per side, plus five bulkheads and two longitudinals. This rigid backbone is assembled upside down in our CNC cut construction jig - making the intial assembly and alignment nearly foolproof. The bulkheads and longitudinals bonded together make for an immensely rigid and rugged structure, and the 1/2" thick sides and 3/4" thick cold-molded bottom will withstand most anything that its designed waters can dish out.

Henry Clews had a great write up on his experience with his Pelicano 20 "Adeline".