Among dozens of other accolades, Sam Devlin is the 2012 winner of the lifetime achievement in design award by Wooden Boat Magazine. His catalog consists of more than a hundred designs, with many hundreds of completed examples, in dozens of countries on every continent.

... although we're not sure about Antarctica.

Jeff Meeks is the owner of West Satsop CNC. He has an engineering and boat design background. Devlin Designing Boatbuilders chose to collaborate with West Satsop CNC for their attention to detail, commitment to triple bottom line business ethics and expertise in design for assembly.

Jeff has 35 years of engineering, design and manufacturing experience.

Educated by Westlawn and a member of NMMA, his main skill is in "design for manufacture", which means that his well-thought out designs are optimized to enable novice builders to succeed.

Jeff and his family live in the northwest where a great nautical and woodworking tradition and diversity of watercraft and innovation abound.

He can be reached at:

(360) 209-4217